Today you will receive the last THALE-mail before the summer break. On the other hand, with a lot of interesting information about the topic of glass-lined process equipment.

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to our new database for stirring solutions – THALETEC MixView. With this online tool you can now find the right stirring system for your application even faster!

NEW – THALETEC MixView – All THALETEC Mixing Systems ONLINE!

THALETEC MixView is now available! Choose from the extensive range of mixing systems and look at the flow pattern, a homogenization process and the particle distribution when mixing suspensions!

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Abrasion and Wear Resistant Glass THALETEC Abrisist

THALETEC ABRISIST is a highly corrosion resistant and especially wear resistant glass-lining. It is specifically developed for all processes with solids in liquids.

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THALETEC's THALook – fused in sight glasses

A new flyer for sight glass units for glass-lined process equipment is now available.

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Flyer "Glass-lined Columns" revised

Amongst others, THALETEC manufactures glass-lined colums. All options available are shown in this updated flyer.

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Go Digital!

Digital technical documentation offers a number of advantages over conventional paper documentation. Take advantage of them!

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NEW – THALETEC FillPro – Protection Sleeve

The THALETEC FillPro filling apron protects your glass-lined apparatus when filling through the manhole opening.

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THALETEC NozzPro – Protect your glass-lined equipment

The NozzPro protection system protects the manhole opening of your valuable glass-lined reactor or tank when entering and working in the vessel. Details can be found in the flyer, which you can download here.

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