Mix it, Babe!

Stirring and mixing in glass-lined reactors is one of THALETEC's core competencies. We want to share this knowledge with you. With THALETEC MixView we now provide an online tool for the visualization of stirring processes with THALETEC stirring systems.

In addition, we have created a comprehensive poster on which you can see all available stirring systems and their properties at a glance. We are also happy to help you choose the "right baffle".

And now something completely new: Wouldn't it be great if additional nozzles could be retrofitted to an enamelled apparatus within a few days and directly at your site? With THALETEC PlusPort this is now the case. In the next online workshop you will learn how to do this!

NEW – THALETEC MixView – All THALETEC Mixing Systems ONLINE!

THALETEC MixView is now available! Choose from the extensive range of mixing systems and look at the flow pattern, a homogenization process and the particle distribution when mixing suspensions!

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OnlineWorkshop – THALETEC PlusPort

May 25, 2023 | 13:00-13:45
With the THALETEC PlusPort, you can retrospectively and on-site provide your glass-lined vessels and reactors with additional, fully-fledged nozzles. You will learn how to do this in this workshop.

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Selection tool for glass-lined Baffles

With this new flyer we help you to find the right baffle for your enameled equipment. Download the document here.

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Flyer "Reglassing" now updated!

The flyer on "Reglassing" has been revised. Reglassing is not only economical, but also protects the environment and reduces the CO2 footprint!

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New – THALETEC SafeBase – safe working in a glass-lined vessel

With the THALETEC SafeBase, working in the glass-lined reactor or tank can be made faster and safer.

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New poster CIP and GMP available

CIP solutions developed by THALETEC support the effective and economic cleaning of glass-lined reactors. Sent an email to process@thaletec.com to get a copy.

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New poster "Gassing Processes" available

This poster summarizes all solutions from thaletec to perform gassing processes in glass-lined reactors. Sent an email to process@thaletec.com to get a copy.

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