Jetstream Mixer LiquiPulse

THALETEC LiquiPulse jet stream mixers are agitators consisting of a drive, an agitator and a ring enclosing the agitator, the socalled stator. With relatively low power input, making them very
economical, LiquiPulse jet stream mixers from THALETEC can be used for the rapid and effective mixing and homogenisation of tank contents.

On account of the mixing principle, LiquiPulse jet stream mixers can be installed centrically, eccentrically or laterally in tanks and need no further tank installations to fulfil the task of stirring.  For fast and accurate temperature measurement in the stirring medium, THALETEC LiquiPulse jet stream mixers are equipped with a FlexSens 100 temperature probe (2xPT100 in 4-circuits-

The THALETEC TRD drives are modular. Thereby different drive designs can be realized with the combinion of any type of gearbox type to any motor assembly:

  • "K." - short profile
  • "S." - lateral GLRD-Expansion
  • ".A" - IEC-Adapter
  • ".R" - Belt drive
  • ".X" - Bevel gear