For applications in chemical plants, flue gas desulfization, as heat exchangers in power plants and incinerators we manufacture glass lined pipes for heat exchangers. Our production is worldwide unique. The glass lined pipes are manufactured on a production line that is 60 meters long, where the glass powder is electrostatically deposited.

The THALETEC fully automated and with constant high quality pipes are used to manufacture our heat exchangers.

  • THALETEC WTU-heat exchanger as stand-alone equipment for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with outstanding corrosion resistance and very good heat transfer characteristics
  • THALETEC Powerbaffles as heat exchangers, which as a heat exchanger instead of a baffle that are assembled in your reactor. PowerBaffles can increase up to 2.5 times the available heat exchange area if compared to the container walls area! Shorter heating and cooling times improve significantly the productivity of your facility!
  • THALETEC SIC heat exchanger with tube bundles SIC (Silicon Carbide)
  • Heat exchanger pipes for the manufacturing of heat exchangers for flue gas cleaning and energy recovery in power plants, wasste incineration plants and wherever acid corrosive , where acidous exhaust gases assail.

In additionTHALETEC offers AgiJet flow nozzles, which improve significantly the heat transfer of jacketed tanks.

The glass linings surface is constantly monitored by highly sensitive sensors to assure it is free of pores and it has the right layer thickness. Our glass lined compact heat exchanger WTU design is based basiert on these pipes with amazing good heat transfer characteristics. Thanks the gasket free pipe connection, our heat exchangers are specially attractive for GMP applications.

Analog to glass lined version we offer for two sides admission of corrosive products also Heat exchangers with SIC pipes with an innovative pipe sealing with outstanding performance.

In addition THALETEC offers AgiJet flow nozzles, that significantly improve the heat transfer in jacketed containers.