Save money on heat exchange and other things!

Today you will learn, among other things, how you can save a lot of money. Read the article about enamelled heat exchangers.

You can also save a lot of money and time if you use the "digital technical documentation" offer. Again, see below for more details.

Furthermore, we cordially invite you to our next online workshop. This is also about heat transfer and efficient processes.

For those who have to do with GMP, we have compiled further information and solutions in a flyer. Details also below.

Saving Cost with Glass-lined Heat Exchangers

In chemical and pharmaceutical industries, heat exchange between media or heat recovery to save energy costs is omnipresent. In this technical article, you will learn how enamelled heat exchangers can help save money.

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THALETEC CIPSim – Simulate CIP cleaning

With CIPSim, THALETEC offers a new service: We simulate CIP cleaning processes in enamelled devices and help with their optimization. The flyer describes the offer comprehensively.

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OnlineWorkshop – THALETEC Powercoils – Halfpipe coils rethought.

March 9, 2023 | 13:00-13:45

So far, only halfpipe coils and double wall jackets have been used for heating glass-lined reactors and tanks. With the new THALETEC PowerCoils there is now a solution that is better than the well-known halfpipe coils. Details will be presented in this OnlineWorkshop.

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Go Digital!

Digital technical documentation offers a number of advantages over conventional paper documentation. Take advantage of them!

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New spare parts catalog "Manyway covers" available

Download the new catalog Manway covers here!

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Selection tool for glass-lined Baffles

With this new flyer we help you to find the right baffle for your enameled equipment. Download the document here.

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Solutions around GMP and CIP

The flyer K085 shows all possibilities how GMP requirements can be implemented for glass-lined equipment. Download the document here.

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