More heating and cooling

The cold season begins and heating is required again. Regardless of the season, heating – or even cooling – is also required in process engineering processes. Read about the possibilities for heating and cooling in corrosive chemical processes in this Thale-mail.

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To make it easier for you, we have set up an overview page on the THALETEC website. Here you will find all innovations of the current year listed chronologically and quickly accessible!

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Three times more heat transfer

For a customer from Austria THALETEC manufactured a 16m3 glass-lined reactor. To reduce heating and cooling times, this reacor is equipped with a temperature-controlled baffle, the THALETEC PowerBaffle.

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Better heat transfer with AgiJet agitating nozzles

Agitating nozzles are fitted into the feed nozzles of the double jacket of the glass-lined apparatus. They provide an optimum flow pattern (spiral flow) in the jacket space during heating and/or cooling of the tank with liquids.

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The HydroCIPPY GL is a glass-lined CIP cleaning system for all glass-lined vessels and reactors.

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Mixing and storing in electrically conductive glass-lined equipment

Electrically conductive glass-linings not only make sense in agitated reactors. Read about it here.

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Repair glass-linings with glass-linings

Glass-lined equipment forms the "heart" of the plant in numerous process engineering procedures and thus determines availability and productivity. This article describes ways how to repair glass-lined equipment with glass-lined repair elements.

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95 pages of Innovations and Premium Solutions

The THALETEC brochure „Premium Solutions“ with the latest innovations for your glass-lined equipment is now available. Send an e‑mail to obtain a printed copy! 

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