Spare parts

Spare-parts for all glass-lined equipment – works also with products from other manufacturers

THALETEC offers the complete array of spare parts for glass lined tanks, columns, agitators, heat exchangers, pressure filters and special equipment.

The majority of the spare parts for glass lined equipment are described in one standard (DIN, EN, etc.) exactly defined and available by THALETEC immediately from our warehouse.

You get not only spare parts from THALETEC. We offer in addition, Service-, Repairs- and Field service.

If a component cannot be repaired anymore, wie can also reglass. Or ask for a "good used" Spare. Our Resale offerings are extensive and possibly has exactly and quick what you are looking for!

These are for example caps, protection rings, glass lined flanges, gaskets, clamps, Backing flanges, valves, Impellers, baffles, sight glasses, mechanical seals and much more.