Agitated reactors

to DIN 28136

Glass lined reactors are often the heart of the equipment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Reliability, availability and Verfügbarkeit und capacity are characteristics requested from these pieces of equipment.

THALETEC offers a ein extensive program of standardized and customized designs to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Typical designs of glass lined reactos are

  • AE: Jacketed open vessels or half coil as well as cover up to 6,300l capacity (usually up to 1,000l are used)
  • BE: Single piece Container which its biggest opening is the manway. Usually in connection with Üblicherweise in Verbindung mit divided stirrer design Multiflex or CryoTec. Nominal volume of from 630l up to 40,000l Nominal volume
  • CE: with biggest großer mounting hole from 4,000l up to 20,000l (preferred)

Suitable for THALETEC and for other manufacturer's reactors, THALETEC ofers also corresponding stirring drives.

Besides, you get an extensive package of accessories for your equipment. The accessories fit also to reactors of other manufacturers!

Glass lined reactors made by TE are characterized by high resistance to:

  • aggressive media
  • water vapor
  • thermal shock
  • wear

Glass lined reactors, their principal dimensions and nozzle arrangements have been standardized in DIN 28136. TE offers a comprehensive range of glass lined reactors.

By the way, you can not only mix with mixing vessels. With the TwisterMixer, THALETEC offers an enamelled static mixer that can be designed and configured according to your requirements.