Compensation of flange unevenness

Besides the standard support accessories, like flanges and sight glasses THALETEC also offers innovative solutions to extend DIN supports.
The ring sight glass from us let you see the process and thus allows you to visually control the process operation.
The THALETEC THALook is a sight glass, which melted down in a glass lined ring. It is GMP optimized, so that all areas are easy to clean and the sight glasses are internally offset.

The THALETEC PolyPort is a glass lined sampler for the glass lined reactor. There is a sight glass melted down in the sampling pipe. The sampler pipe can have up to six lateral sockets with a nominal size up to DN 100. Use the PolyPort to observe the inflow of liquid in the glass lined reactor or install a light to illuminate the inside of the tank - use the lighting socket several times. PolyPorts desing and manufacturing are customized.

Die THALETEC Ring temperature probe measures the temperature in corrosion resistant coated pipework. Two integrated Pt100 are integrated in the glass lining assure a very quick temperature measurement of the flowing product.