Heat exchangers energy applications

energy and environmental applications

Our customers use already for decades cooling coils for flue gas cleaning applications by power plants that use fossile energy resources. Tubes from THALETEC increase significantly service life compared with other systems.

Application areas

  • flue gas desulfurization
  • Waste Incineration
  • Liquid/liquid heat transfer



  • Longer life time compared to heat exchangers that use other materials
  • High mechanical stability
  • 100% quality control of the glass linings for high availability of the equipment
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Low surface roughness
  • Exceptionaly good cleanability
  • Low adhesion tendency of solids

Technological parameters

- production of tubes up to 12,000 mm in length with external glass coat
- tube diameter of 18 to 30 mm, preferably 25 mm
- tube wall thickness of 1.5 to 3.0 mm
- bending radii for U tubes according to customer's specification or tube base   spacing
- glass layer thickness of 225 to 600 µm

The unusual high thermal shock resistance of glass linings and a 100% quality control assure long lifetime and optimal cost benefit relationship as a result.