The THALETEC QuickPort is a manhole cover with a quick-release cover mounted on it in the nominal widths DN 100 (4'') and DN 150 (6'')  (Flyer K022).

Since the introduction of the THALETEC Quickport, this simple solution for fast and safe opening and closing of glass-lined process equipment has enjoyed great popularity among our customers.
Since the launch of this quick-opening cover the 365th Quickport has now been delivered to customers - a reason to remember this product once again.

From the customer's point of view, the advantages of the Quickport quick-release cover are in particular

  • The large sight glass, which allows an optimal view into the tank or reactor
  • Easy handling with only three toggle screws, which can be tightened and loosened without tools
  • The lid is easy to clean thanks to a removable sealing seat (Figure 2) and the hinged lid made entirely of stainless steel

THALETEC Quickport manhole covers and quick-opening covers from THALETEC are available for glass lined reactors and tanks of all manufacturers from stock. This is achieved, among other things, by the fact that THALETEC manhole covers are designed with a screwable hinge adapter (see Figure 3). These hinge adapters are available to match the hinge plates of all major European manufacturers of glass lined reactors.

Quickport quick opening cover on manhole cover DN 500

Removable sealing seat for easy cleaning

Hinged adapter so that the manhole cover fits on all reactors of European manufacturers.