Ugly ducklings ...

Don't these reactor bodies look awful? Just right for the junkyard, actually? No! These reactor bodies are from our customers, some of whom have been using these machines for years in heavy duty. Not for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, of course, but for the production of bulk chemicals.

These containers, as bad as they may look at the moment, save our customers money! Because these reactor bodies were delivered for reglassing.

During the reglassing process, the delivered reactoris first dismantled and, if present, the double jacket is removed. Then the existing, worn glass layer is removed by sandblasting and the outside of the vessel is cleaned. Afterwards the tank is thoroughly checked and examined for damage, wall thickness, corrosion etc.

If necessary, conversion measures can now also be carried out. For example, existing nozzles can be closed, new nozzles installed and other welding work carried out.

... become a swan

Only when it has been ensured that the pressure vessel again fulfils all regulatory requirements after reglassing, will it be reenamelled with one of the innovative THALETEC glass-linings.

In this specific case, one of the two vessels shown is reglassed with the electrically conductive enamel CONDUSIST.

Reenamelling has several advantages over the new delivery:

  • The tank or reactor is quickly available again: Normally, reglassing can be completed within eight weeks after receipt of the tank or reactor by THALETEC. It would take considerably longer to rebuild a new vessel.
  • The costs for reglassing are lower than those for a new vessel. And this from several points of view: Firstly, the existing steel structure of the apparatus is still used and does not have to be rebuilt. On the other hand, existing built-in parts such as stirrers and baffles can continue to be used.

Figure 1: Delivered reactor bodies

Figure 2: Agitated rector with the service-friendly THALETEC stirring drive

THALETEC reglasses all!

Due to THALETEC's advanced glass-linings it is possible to reglass even process equipment and components of third-party manufacturers safely and cost-effectively. Furthermore, it can often make sense to equip even repaired vessels with the latest mixing technology. Figure 2 shows a reglassed vessel equipped with a new mixier drive from THALETEC because the existing one from another German glass lined process equipment manufacturer was not service-friendly.

Special offer until 31.12.2020

THALETEC is running a special campaign for re-enamelling until the end of the year. We'll help you make sure you choose the right enamel for your remailing. You can also save real money. Details of the campaign can be found in Flyer A005.