Complete your glass lined equipment and always fit

Glass lined equipment unfold their full usage within a process installation, when they can be optimaly operated and perfectly integrated in your operational concept.

THALETEC offers a wide range of accessoriies, that

  • facilitate the operation of your equipment
  • make easier to clean
  • optimize mixing results
  • improve control integration of your facility operational concept
  • increase the energy efficiency of your equipment

 Details about accessories of THALETTEC can be found under.

Think about: Due to the extensive standardization of glass lined equipment is possible to use THALETEC accessories also in devies, reactors, tanks from other manufacturers. The THALETEC compatibility program makes possible!

Therewith you can also optimize your already available equipment!

Of course we develop and construct your specific customized solution. Please speak to us, so that we can help you solve your problem.