Knowing instead of trying!

In the current THALE-mail you will again find some news on the topics of stirring and mixing and occupational safety.

Please download the latest spare parts catalogs and get to know our ""Baffle Selection Diagram"". It will help you to quickly find the right baffle for your glass-lined agitated reactor.

We would also like to draw your attention to our next online workshop: Find out what cleaning process simulation options are now available to you!

New – THALETEC SafeBase – safe working in a glass-lined vessel

With the THALETEC SafeBase, working in the glass-lined reactor or tank can be made faster and safer.

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THALETEC UFT and UFX – UltraFlowTurbine – It hardly gets more universal than this!

The new THALETEC UFT turbine is the glass-lined agitator with the highest axial pumping capacity of all THALETEC agitators.

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Seminars and Workshops 2023

As every year, THALETEC offers an extensive workshop and seminar program in 2023. You can download an overview here.

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New spare parts catalog flange gaskets up to ND14´´ available

Download the new catalog flange gaskets up to DN400 here.

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New spare parts catalog flange gaskets for large equipment openings available

Download the new catalog flange gaskets from ND16´´ here.

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Selection tool for glass-lined Baffles

With this new flyer we help you to find the right baffle for your enameled equipment. Download the document here.

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OnlineWorkshop – Simulation of Cleaning in Place

February 16, 2023 | 13:00-13:45
With the help of advanced simulation software, THALETEC is able to simulate cleaning processes in enamelled containers. Based on this, we can optimize CIP systems. You can find out how to do this in this online workshop.

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We seek!

For a good customer we are looking for one used BE 6.300 and BE 16.000 glass-lined reactor each. The reactors should be designed according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive and have a double jacket. Send an e-mail to process@thaletec.com if you would like to sell such reactors (independent of the original manufacturer) to THALETEC.

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