Reglassing as inexpensive alternative to new investments

THALETEC reglassings: By reglassings the whole old used glass linings are removed and replaced by a new high quality glass lining from THALETEC. The end product is as new. An additional advantage is to perform changes and adaptations during reglassing,  to further optimize and better addapt to your process.

Examples are: Change of neck picture in the jacket, modification of the Modifikation der supporting structure, application of modern glass linings with special characteristics (e.g. better chemical resistance, higher abrasion resistance or electrical conductivity).

As an additional competitive alternative to reglassing of the complete component, THALETEC offers the LocaRep-procedure. In this case the damaged parts of the components are localy, but with high quality, reglassed on site.

LocaRep represents an alternative to Glass linings repairs.

Often a reglassed equipment is changed to »fit for the future«, where substantial modifications are performed.

For example:

  • Replacement of the mechanical seals acc. to ATEX requirements
  • modificaion of drives; installation of optimized agitation systems
  • improvements of the temperature measurement system

On the glass linings you receive the same warranty of new equipment.

In princible the reglassing by THALETEC comprises of testing of the whole equipment and components, making suggestions for the optimization and optional procedures, the professional servicing and performance of requested modifications and optimizations, 100% quality control and the assuring of compliance with the requirements of inspection authorities, guidelines and standards.

THALETEC performs high quality reglassing also on products made by competitors.