World's first completely conductive glasslined bottom outlet valve available

THALETEC bottom outlet valves (see flyer K016) are now available in a completely electrically conductive design: All PTFE parts (e.g. valve seat and bellows) are made of FDA approved and ADCF certified material. A new feature is that the valve cone and the entire valve body are now also glasslined with the electrically conductive THALETEC Codusist (see flyer K098).

This means that THALETEC bottom outlet valves are now particularly suitable for use in the processing of polar media and solvents in chemical processes and in the manufacture of API. Wherever electrostatic discharges can lead to ignition hazards, THALETEC bottom outlet valves with Condusist glasslining can make an important contribution to safety in process plants.

THALETEC Condusist has now proven its worth in several hundred customer orders. In particular, Condusist is now replacing conventional "Pharma Enamel" in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries (see also in articel: Pharma-Glass is the past – the future is here).

Another new feature is that THALETEC bottom outlet valves with electrically conductive glasslining can now have a tangentially arranged lateral flushing nozzle. Tests have shown that the tangential arrangement of the flushing nozzle has advantages over the radial arrangement previously used with regard to cleaning the valve body.

Electrically conductive glasslined bottom outlet valves are immediately recognizable from the outside: The valve body is painted in bright yellow.

Reglassing also possible of valve bodies from other manufacturers

Finally, an important note: Reglassling of bottom outlet valves is also possible at any time. To do this, the valve is first dismantled, the existing glass layer is removed by sandblasting, and then a new electrically conductive glass is applied. By the way, this also works for valve heads from other manufacturers!

Further information

The outstanding features of the THALETEC CoduValve are also described in Flyer K156.