THALETEC (also) manufactures according to EN 13445

The European standard EN 13445 "Unfired pressure vessels" has a very high status within the scope of the EU Pressure Equipment Directive, because it is listed in the Official Journal of the EU as a "Harmonized Standard". As a result, pressure equipment that is designed, manufactured and tested on the basis of this standard also meets the essential safety requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

In general, only two sets of rules are used internationally in pressure vessel construction: The European EN 13445 and the American ASME Code. The latter is the most widely used standard for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels worldwide. However, the ASME Code does not conform to the European Pressure Equipment Directive and is therefore not a real alternative for European pressure equipment operators.

he "AD 2000" code is also not internationally recognized.

Nowadays, many projects in plant engineering are subject to transnational processes. The EN 13445, as a harmonized standard for the pressure equipment directive, is increasingly replacing the previously valid technical rules and DIN standards.

THALETEC manufactures according to many standards, including EN 13445. We therefore invite you, our customers, to order apparatus in the future with a design and manufacture according to the European standard EN 13445.