Innovation! World first!

­Today you will get to know another innovation – the world's first electrically conductive glass-lined bottom outlet valve for glass-lined process equipment – full safety even under EX conditions. And that is only one of the many topics!

Innovation #8: Electrically conductive glass-lined bottom outlet valves

Glass-lined bottom outlet valves could not previously be glass-lined to be electrically conductive. This has now changed. With the help of conductive enameled bottom outlet valves, you can avoid ignition hazards when emptying glass-lined process equipment.

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Don't miss an Innovation!

To make it easier for you, we have set up an overview page on the THALETEC website. Here you will find all innovations of the current year listed chronologically and quickly accessible!

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THALETEC PremiumValve – The variable glass-lined bottom outlet valve

THALETEC has developed an innovative modular system for glass-lined bottom outlet valves, which leaves nothing to be desired or required by the customer.

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THALETEC is Made in Gemany!

MADE IN GERMANY is a seal of quality and approval that indicates the origin of many products from Germany. At the only production site in Thale in Germany, THALETEC manufactures the entire range of glass-lined process equipment and parts – and has been doing so for decades!

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DIN 28151 and DIN 28152-1 and 2 published

With the issue date 2021-09, revised versions of DIN 28152-1 and -2 – Clamp screws for glass lined equipment- have been published. With the issue date 2021-10 the revised version of DIN 28151 (Jacket nozzles) will be published. The standards are available from Beuth-Verlag (in German language).

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