Tangential is better – New option for glass lined bottom outlet valves

Bottom outlet valves for glass lined reactors and tanks are nowadays usually designed with an additional lateral connection nozzle in the valve body. This nozzle can be used, for example, to install spraying devices, to install sensors, to connect a sampling system or to flush the valve body.

Figure 1: Bottom outlet valve from THALETEC

Until now, the additional nozzles has been installed opposite the outlet connection piece of the valve body in all manufacturers of glass lined process equipment.

However, it has been shown that flushing and cleaning of the valve body when the valve is closed is considerably improved if the additional nozzle  is positioned tangentially to the valve body and perpendicular to the outlet nozzle.

Figure 2: Available valve bodies from THALETEC; new is the valve body with tangentially arranged additional nozzle

Figure 3: View and section of a bottom outlet valve with tangential additional nozzle

Due to the tangential arrangement, a rotational flow is created in the valve body during flushing through the nozzle, which effectively wets and cleans the interior.

Figure 4: Bottom outlet valve with additional tangential nozzle

There are no restrictions on the other uses of the additional nozzle. Cleaning devices can still be installed, sensors can be used and sampling systems can also be connected without any problems.

In practice, it has also been shown that an additional socket on the side often has a favourable influence on the space situation below the vessel and simplifies mounting and dismounting of the bottom outlet valve on the vessel.

Apart from that, the bottom outlet valve from THALETEC of course still meets all requirements of the relevant standards and guidelines and is thus easily exchangeable and also replaces bottom outlet valves of other manufacturers.


The advantages once again at a glance

  • The tangentially arranged additional nozzle on the side improves the cleaning of the valve interior considerably compared to other designs
  • The lateral tangential additional nozzle is available for other additional functions such as sampling, installation of sensors, etc.
  • The bottom outlet valve is fully compatible with existing valves from THALETEC and other manufacturers
  • Often simplified mounting and dismounting of the valve to/from the container due to better accessibility

Figure 5: Manufactured bottom outlet valve with additional tangential nozzle

The tangential additional nozzle is a new option for THALETEC bottom outlet valves. It supplements the already extensive modular system for bottom outlet valves for chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Further details on bottom outlet valves can be found in Flyer K016.