Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

A turbulent year 2022 is now soon coming to an end. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and much happiness, health and success in the New Year!

In this last Thale-mail of the year 2022 we have compiled for you all innovations and new products and solutionsfor your glass-lined process equipment. We are sure that you will find solutions for your operational tasks among them.

New Calender 2023 available!

From now on you can request the THALETEC wall calendar for 2023. Just send us an e-mail!

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Seminars and Workshops 2023

As every year, THALETEC offers an extensive workshop and seminar program in 2023. You can download an overview here.

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Digital Technical Documentation

Fewer and fewer customers insist on mountains of paper when requesting the technical documentation of glass-lined apparatus manufactured by THALETEC. In many cases, a link to THALETETC's DocuLink database is enough for the customer.

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Don't search, but find! Take advantage of a new feature of glass-lined equipment and parts from THALETEC.  Exclusive and patent pending!

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Electrically conductive glass-lined bottom outlet valves

With the help of conductive glass-lined bottom outlet valves, you can avoid ignition hazards when emptying glass-lined process equipment.

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Protect your employees AND your glass-lined reactor or tank by using the THALETEC FallPro protection rings!

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New flyer "Process engineering and mechnical calculation possibilities".

In this new flyer we show you the possibilities of THALETEC regarding the processing and mechanical design of glass-lined process equipment.

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THALETEC NozzPro – Protect your glass-lined equipment

The NozzPro protection system protects the manhole opening of your valuable glass-lined reactor or tank when entering and working in the vessel. Details can be found in the flyer, which you can download here.

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The RingBaffle is a component for smaller vessels of the AE design. It has up to four baffles which signifiantly improve the stirring effect in the glass-lined reactor.

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Overview of services and related products

A new poster summarizes all THALETEC services around your glass-lined equipment. Ask for it by e-mail! Please enter your contact details.

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Thermal Package for glass-lined reactors

This comprehensive paper provides an overview of heat transfer options in glass-lined reactors and briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

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THALETEC UltraFlow – A new type of stirring system – It hardly gets more universal!

The new THALETEC UltraFlow (UFT) turbine is a universal agitator with maximum axial pumping power.

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NEW – THALETEC FillPro Protection Sleeve

The THALETEC FillPro filling apron protects your glass-lined apparatus when filling through the manhole opening.

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Glass-lined Short Path Evaporators

With the unique glass-lined condensers we now realize sophisticated glass-lined Short Path Evaporators. Read the details here.

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