Innovation #6 QUICKTIP NT

The THALETEC temperature measurement system QuickTip (Flyer K061) or QuickTip Tandem (Flyer K114) in combination with the pT 100 sensor FleXsens (Flyer K053) is known to most of our customers. QuickTip and FlexSens are synonymous for fast, accurate and reliable temperature measurement in glass lined reactors and process equipment. 100% of all temperature measurement points in glass lined equipment have been made with FlexSens temperature sensors and more than 80% also with the QuickTip measuring tip.

QuickTip, enameled with the electrically conductive THALETEC Condusist

But even proven systems can be further improved: Therefore, starting in June 2021, all QuickTip temperature measurement tips will be glass-lined with a modified version of the also well-known and proven, electrically conductive THALETEC Codusist glass (Flyer K098).

  • The new version can be recognized by the color of the measuring tip. Up to now, this measuring tip has been yellow, but from now on it will be light blue.
  • However, the color is only a distinguishing feature. The new design has a number of additional advantages:
  • The measuring tip now has an electrically conductive glass coating, which prevents the formation of harmful electrical charges in this area.
  • The glass-lining of the sensor tip has a higher thermal conductivity than the previously used enamel, which leads to a further improvement in the measuring speed and accuracy.
  • The glass-lining does not require a ground-coat layer of glass: The entire glass thickness is thus chemically resistant throughout.
  • The base material of the measuring tip itself consists of a highly chemically resistant nickel-based alloy.
  • Compared to the previous glass-lining, the chemical corrosion resistance of the sensor tip is further improved.

And best of all: this innovation is cost-neutral, i.e. we do not pass on the additional costs for this improved design to you, our customers.