New ARB baffle for processes with liquids which contain solids and hydro-abrasive processes

With a small but significant detail improvement, the new THALETEC Type ARB (Abrasion Resistant Baffle) baffle comes with a QuickTip temperature measuring tip for procedures particularly prone to wear.

The new ARB Baffle, which is available as a beavertail baffle with an oval cross-section and also as a DeltaBaffle with a triangular profile having a maximised interference effect, has a concave lower end, in the centre of which a temperature measuring tip of the QuickTip type is inset.

Baffle end with a concave shape

To protect the temperature probe tip better against wear caused by solid-laden liquids inflowing from the side, the lower end of the ARB Baffle was designed concave (see Fig. above).

In the centre of the spherical surface is the temperature measurement tip for the flexsens probe, protected against the direct inflow.

A simulation of the flow around the end of the baffle is available on YouTube.

The QuickTip temperature measuring tip is meanwhile the standard for glass-lined reactors when it comes to carrying out a rapid, accurate and calibrated temperature measurement.

In conjunction with the Universal Pt100 sensor of the flexsens type with 2 Pt100 in a 4-wire circuit, a temperature measurement system is available which exhibits previously unrivalled features in relation to response time behaviour and operational safety.

ARB baffles are available for reactors from 1,600 litres of volume or for baffles from a flange diameter of DN 200. 

ARB baffles are available as beavertail baffles and also as DeltaBaffles with a triangular profile. In addition to the standard design, ARB baffles can also be fitted with a premium nozzle on the baffle flange, which further expands the range of application of the glass-lined equipment.

Section through the end of an ARB baffle with a concave end and inset flexsens temperature measurement system