and Quality

Quality, delivery reliability and the flexibility to adapt to individual customer expectations is only possible, if you control an optimal manufacturing vertical integration and have the necessary qualified workforce.

THALETEC manufactures in Thale, Germany, all products for you. All from one hand, all under our control to avoid you to have bad experiences.

The selection, layout and manufacturing of glass lined equipment and their spare parts is critical for the reliability of their production as well as essential for the secure process and storage of corrosive, poison and dangerous chemicals and highly effective APIs. 

THALETEC  has decades of competence and relys on experienced workforce to assure the highest quality and reliability.

THALETEC's glass lined Equipment from ...

  • are extraordinarily corrosion resistant particularly against acids
  • have a particularly flat survace, which get into contact with the product
  • are very easy to clean
  • are free of metal ions
  • have better heat conductivity than the majority of other coatings (e.g. PTFE)
  • stand high pressures and vacuum
  • can operate by high (up to 230°C) and extrem low temperatures (up to -196°C)
  • can easily be combined with other corrosion resistant materials like grafits, SIC, Tantal, PTFE
  • are inexpensive
  • have long operational lifespan, if treated correctly



THALETEC has innovative and efficient production and manufacturing equipment to exeed your expectations:

We manufacture our high quality and narrow tolerance glass lined products with our computer controlled cutting robot, an automated UP-welding and fully automated sanding machine.

Computer controlled flame cutting robot enable to get high precision synchronized cuts and perfect fit of swaged opening of nozzles.

Our inside automated sander for sides, bottoms and nozzles is fully automated and can perfectly work on diameters from 800 mm to 4.000 mm and lenghts up to 10.000 mm. As a result, perfectly polished steel surfaces bilt the basis for our glass linings.

With up to 100 m weldings on a apparatus, the automated UP welding machine warrants marerial friendly weldings with lower heat effects.

Higher glass lining quality is also reached with high efficient with two big low mass furnaces (for apparatus up to 110.000 liters) and many small furnaces for the glass linging of spare parts and components.



All of our products are "Made in Germany". This has been certified, and documented to DIN ISO 9001 and proven on a regular basis.

The vast majority of our materials and external parts also are of German origin, enabling us to most efficiently fulfill our high claim to quality and reliability of our products.

Permanent monitoring of our welding technology by an accredited test lab, our customers and notified bodies ensure a homogeneous quality.

But quality does not end with the product. We make permanent efforts to improve our processes and the services offered by our company. Continuous improvement is not just a hollow word, but rather practiced every day.

Quality Assurance of glassing

The quality assurance of glass line equipment is the most important issue at all. On this site you find an overview of the common used tests and quality assurance procedures after the glass lining.

THALETEC records this through its ISO 9001 Certification which is periodicaly renewed.