NEW: Glass-lined Short-Path Evaporator

Glass-lined short-path evaporators are evaporators with an internal condenser for demanding thermal separation tasks under corrosive conditions. Due to the unique combination of evaporation and condensation in a very small space, the short-path evaporator can be operated with a vacuum of up to 0.001 mbar and thus outperforms any other evaporators.

Figure 1THALETEC short-path evaporator, illustration with and without rotor


The advantages of glass-lined Short Path Evaporators from THALETEC are obvious:

  • Low pressure loss allows very good vacuum and low evaporation temperatures
  • Gentle treatment of temperature-sensitive substances due to short residence times and small product quantities in the evaporator
  • Effective droplet separation results in very good distillate quality


Mode of operation

Short path evaporation is a thermal separation process that is operated in a vacuum of 1 to 0.001 mbar. This lowers the evaporation temperature to such an extent that temperature-sensitive and high-boiling substances can be separated without damage.

The short-path evaporator consists of an internally glass-lined vertical vessel with heating jacket, a rotor and an internally glass-lined condenser. The rotor forms a thin film of great turbulence on the heated wall. The product flows downwards in a spiral under the effect of gravity. In the process, the volatile part of the product evaporates. The vapors are condensed on the glass-lined condenser inside. The non-evaporated product portion reaches the lower area of the evaporator in a short time and leaves it via the product outlet.

The non-condensed product vapors and inert gases enter the vacuum system through the vacuum nozzle via the cold trap.

Due to the high vacuum that can be achieved, the process temperatures can be kept low. Evaporation is therefore extremely gentle on the product.

The cold trap can also be glass-lined (see flyer K143).

All THALETEC technical enamels are available for glass-lining the glass-lined components of the short-path evaporator (flyer K098). The electrically conductive enamel CONDUSIST (Flyer K098) can preferably be used if there is a risk of electrostatic discharge. This can exist especially when evaporating polar solvents (e.g. toluene).

Of course, THALETEC continues to manufacture glass-lined thin-film evaporators with an external condenser.



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