As promised!

At the beginning of this year, we promised to launch ten innovations around glass-lined process equipment in 2021. With Innovation #9, the ConduStrip, we have almost achieved our goal. Read more about it!

Innovation #9: THALETEC ConduStrip – Grounding flange gaskets at any time

With THALETEC ConduStrips, you can electrically ground flange gaskets on glass-lined apparatus and piping, even retroactively, and thus create even more operational safety in hazardous areas.

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Don't miss an Innovation!

To make it easier for you, we have set up an overview page on the THALETEC website. Here you will find all innovations of the current year listed chronologically and quickly accessible!

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Glass-lined reactors – standard or fit like a tailor-made suit?

There are a large number of norms and standards for the design and construction of glass-lined reactors. However, it often makes sense to deviate from these and use optimized reactors.

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FlatFace-nozzles fulfill highest sealing-requirements

THALETEC's FlatFace technology helps to meet the highest requirements for the sealing of glass-lined nozzles.

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