The evaporation and respectively destilation is only one application from many that THALETEC engineers calculate and suggest respective solutions for the realization of the required task. Use our experience.

We offer you energy efficient, intelligent solutions, field tested, designed by THALETEC process engineering with proven methods.

The destillation (lat. destillare „dribble down, drip down“, of stilla „Drips“) is a thermal separation process, that recover evaporable liquids or solvents from heavy evaporable materials and finally recovered by condensation. The destilation has advantages against other separation processes, because normally it does not need to use other materials like absorbants or solvents.

The destillation starts with boiling the starting mixture. The resulting vapor, which is composed of the different volatile components of the material to be separated and cooled down to form the liquid. In the sequence the liquid condensate is recovered.

Source: Wikipedia

Already for many years THALETEC manufactures heat exchangers, both standard or customized for specific applications glass lined U-Tube pipework as well as glass lined compact heat exchangers with silicon carbide tubes. These are best for the evaporation of liquids of external cycles or also in form of PowerBaffles, a heat exchanger that is installed inside of the Reactor replacing the Baffle.