A happy and healthy New Year!

Dear customers, today you receive the first THALE-mail of the year 2021. This year is the "Year of Innovations" for THALETEC – stay tuned and get regularly informed about new and proven solutions of THALETEC.

2021 is the year of Innovations!

This year, THALETEC will introduce 10 innovations. Stay tuned!

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Innovation #1: HydroCippy GL

As promised, here is the first innovation for 2021: A glass lined CIP cleaning system for all glass lined vessels and reactors.

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SeccoLip TT – THALETEC dry-running shaft lip seal

From now, THALETEC also provides shaft-lip seals besides the well known mechanical seals.

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LiquiCone – the liquid feed pipe

THALETEC's LiquiCone helps to avoid dust when fillling in solids in your glass lined reactor. Read about this accessory here.

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Achema postponed to 2022. We're gonna be there anyway!

Achema, the most important trade show event for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and for THALETEC has been postponed by one year. THALETEC will be there nevertheless! Look forward to 2022!

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