With SIC Pipes

Glass lined compact heat exchangers consisting of tubes made of SiC (silicon carbide) may be used for heat exchange in corrosive applications where both material flows are corrosive. In addition, the heat exchangers are extremely compact due to the excellent thermal conductivity of SiC, and are delivered in a form that is easy to clean.

Silicon carbide is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications where heat has to be transferred both efficiently and effectively due to its excellent thermal conductivity of up to 160 W/m²K.

The extremely high corrosion resistance of silicon carbide materials, which is equal to that of glass lined products (with the exception of strong oxidants) makes this material eligible for use in heat exchangers.

Optimum engineering solutions are nevertheless required due to the physical properties of this material. THALETEC offers heat exchangers for corrosive materials on one or both sides that are characterized by a proper combination of glass and silicon carbide.

THALETEC-SiC compound heat exchangers made by THALETEC close the gap between corrosive attack on one side and on all sides. The known high corrosion resistance of glass is combined with the equally high corrosion resistance of silicon carbide and the excellent thermal conductivity of silicon carbide in these applications.

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