Newsletter 105

This newsletter again contains plenty of information about glass-lining technology and glass lined process equipment. We’d also would like to introduce a new glass lining: THALETEC ALKASIST, which is a glass lining developed for processes under caustic/alkaline process conditions.

THALETEC ALKASIST ─ A new glass-lining from THALETEC

THALETEC ALKASIST is a brand new glass-lining for process equipment. It is extremely resistant against alkalines and caustic process conditions.

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Less Torque Required

Easier and faster tightening of flange bolts by using THALETEC’s SIMPLOX Washers
With the SIMPLOX washers you reduce the torque required to tighten flange screws.

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THALETEC Workshops – we train you

Also in 2019 we offer a large variety of seminars, trainings and workshops focusing on glass-lined process equipment.

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THALETEC on Youtube

Visit THALETEC on Youtube. Use the link below.

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