Glass-lined repair elements for small glass damages – bye bye Tantalum.

Damage to glass-lined process equipment is not always extensive and requires correspondingly large and costly repairs. Small impact damages or local glass defects, which were previously closed with tantalum screws or small tantalum seals, can now also be safely covered and sealed with glass-lined repair elements.

THALETEC MiniScrew replaces conventional tantalum plug

The THALETEC MiniScrew is a screw with a glass-lined screw head and an M6 threaded connection. This element can easily be used for damages up to approx. 7 mm diameter. Also existing tantalum seals can be replaced by this safe repair element. The sealing of the MiniScrew against the vessel wall is done by an FDA approved sealing element.

The THALETEC RepCap is available for damage up to 14 mm diameter. This is also an enameled screw. The screw is sealed against the vessel with a special self-adjusting seal made of FDA-approved PTFE.

THALETEC RepCap for damages up to 14 mm diameter

Special tools are available for both screw elements for safe and reproducible assembly.

Both screw elements are also part of the THALETEC repair kit. In addition to the screw elements and the matching seals, the case contains further repair elements. These RepDisks are suitable for the safe repair of damages up to 70 mm diameter.

Repair case with various repair elements for damages up to 70 mm diameter