Make your baffles the premium solution for free!

THALETEC offers the Premium-nozzle for baffles at no cost for a limited period. Read about the details in attached Flyer.


Keep it up! Mixing liquid/solids‑suspensions better

Suspending in mixing systems means to keep solid particles floating in the liquid phase inside an agitated reactor. This can be accomplished best using THALETEC’s mixing technology.

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Reglassing and Modernizing in one step

Special pricing conditions available for reglassing equipment with electrically conductive glass CONDUSIST. Read about the details here



New Poster „Innovations“ available

The well-known poster showing all innovative solutions for your glass-lined reactor is now available in an undated version. Send an e-mail to us and ask for your complimentary copy.


THALETEC ALKASIST ─ A new glass-lining from THALETEC

THALETEC ALKASIST is a brand new glass-lining for process equipment. It is extremely resistant against alkalines and caustic process conditions.

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