THALETEC glass-lined PowerBaffle also used in storage tanks successfully

THALETEC PowerBaffles are glass-lined baffles and heat exchangers and temperature probes in one. PowerBaffles usually replace conventional baffles in glass-lined stirring tanks when heating or cooling times need to be significantly reduced or mixing improved.

A new application of PowerBaffles as a retrofitted tank heater for a storage tank was realized for a THALETEC customer.

A PowerBaffle was installed in an existing horizontal glass-lined storage tank of an external ear adjuster in an existing lateral tank nozzle. The special feature is that the heat exchanger was not installed horizontally, but diagonally pointing downwards. THALETEC also supplied the corresponding angled connection flange.

PowerBaffle as trace heating in horizontal, glass-lined storage tank; interior view

Advantages of this solution are:

  • Retrofittability of a trace heating in all existing apparatuses without additional expenses
  • Adaptation to the respective installation conditions is possible at any time by means of appropriate connecting components
  • Compared to the purchase of a new temperature-controlled glass-lined tanks, it is significantly faster and more cost-effective.
  • Significantly lower investment costs than the installation of an electrical trace heating system on the outside of the tank.
  • Retrofitting of all glass-lined tanks and receivers, including those from other manufacturers

Most economical solution to the task

In the specific case, the customer first intended to install an electrical trace heating system on the outside of the tank to protect the product, which is contained in the thermally insulated storage tank, from solidification at too low temperatures. The PowerBaffle now in use reliably prevents the product from solidifying in the tank and thus ensures the productivity of the plant under all operating conditions. And this at significantly lower investment costs, because an externally applied trace heating would have entailed extensive costs (removal of the insulation of the tank, installation of the trace heating, reinsulation of the tank).

Anything is possible

Of course, PowerBaffles can also be installed in vertical storage tanks. THALETEC's existing production facilities enable the manufacture of enamelled pipes up to a length of 6,000 mm, so that even the largest enamelled storage tanks can be safely tempered over the entire filling height.


Exterior view with specially manufactured angled connection flange