Newsletter 106

This newsletter again contains plenty of information about glass-lining technology and glass lined process equipment. We’d also would like to introduce again a new glass lining: THALETEC ALKASIST, which is a glass lining developed for processes under caustic/alkaline process conditions.

Besides that we explain how to make your API-production fit for future with THALETEC’S electrically conductive glass-lining CONDUSIST.

THALETEC ALKASIST ─ A new glass-lining from THALETEC

THALETEC ALKASIST is a brand new glass-lining for process equipment. It is extremely resistant against alkalines and caustic process conditions.

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Pharma-Glass is the past – the future is here

Conventional „Pharma-Glass“ for API production and fine chemicals doesn’t meet all current requirements any more. This article describes how to make your API production fit for future.

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THALETEC’s glass lining works!

A tensile stress test of THALETEC’s PowerTubes show the stability and durability of THALTEC’s glass lined PowerTubes.

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Basics of Mixing

Everybody has stirred something in their life, be it morning coffee or soup on the stove. When doing so, we try to ensure good mixing or not to let anything burn. How mixing works in glass-lined reactors is described in this article.

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95 pages of Innovations and Premium Solutions

The THALETEC brochure „Premium Solutions“ with the latest innovations for your glass-lined equipment is now available. Send an e‑mail to us to obtain a printed copy!


All about THALETEC

Be informed completely about THALETEC and its products and services. Follow the link to watch a video on Youtube.

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