Spring Awakening!

Nature awakens and brings new things on the way! THALETEC is doing the same! The current newsletter is again full of news about glass-lining technology and services! Enjoy reading!

Innovation #5: MixerSettler from THALETEC

Mixer-settlers are continuously operated process systems for liquid-liquid separation. Find out everything about this solution with innovative features here.

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Don't miss an Innovation!

To make it easier for you, we have set up an overview page on the THALETEC website. Here you will find all innovations of the current year listed chronologically and quickly accessible!

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Glass-lined reactors – standard or fit like a tailor-made suit?

There are a large number of norms and standards for the design and construction of glass-lined reactors. However, it often makes sense to deviate from these and use optimized reactors.

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We buy your used equipment!

If you have glass-lined reactors or components (regardless of the manufacturer!) which you no longer use or need, THALETEC will buy them back from you.

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Small damage – quickly repaired

Small damage to nozzle necks of glass-lined process equipment can be repaired quickly and safely with the THALETEC EmRep System. Depending on the location of the damage, this is even possible without having to enter the glass lined reactor or tank.

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Stands by itself

A simple accessory facilitates the handling of glass lined bottom outlet valves from THALETEC.

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