THALETEC supplies a full wide range of glass lined equipment, i.e. tanks, columns and receivers. Thaletec offers you high efficient jacketed or halfcoil reactors and high efficient glass lined compact heat exchanger or with SIC pipes for an even smaller construction. THALETEC also offers a complete range of spare parts which are readily available and vital for your processes equipment.

For Energy and Environmental applications on power plants, THALETEC offers glass lined heat exchanger pipes up to 39 feef lenght, which are not only new to the world, but also manufactured on a continuous high quality manufacturing process.

All our products are „Made in Germany“, manufactured from certified materials and components, mostly from German high quality suppliers. We offer a wide portfolio of reliable high quality equipment, regardless if it is a standard product or a customized one.


The repair technology developed by THALETEC with glass lined 3D-printed repair patches is also making its mark in the USA. After a pointer from the Maintenance Manager of the German branch of a chemical company, his American colleague became aware of this innovative repair system.

The task for THALETEC USA Inc. was to repair an old 4,000- gallon Pfaudler reactor (approximately 16,000l) dating from 1973. The customer operates the reactor under vacuum. Damage which had occurred some time previously was initially repaired using tantalum in a conventional manner. However, the repair using an approximately 125 mm tantalum plate failed after a short time. In a second attempt, they tried to repair the now greater damage using a tantalum plate some 300 mm in diameter. This also failed after a few days. The cause of the failure was quickly determined to be that the prevailing vacuum in the reactor deformed the thin tantalum plate and thus led to leakage. To make matters worse, the reactor had a breakthrough in the damage area​​. This damage was determined by the fact that the pressure in the jacket of the tank decreased during a batch and heating medium penetrated the product space.

The customer opted for a repair using THALETEC EmRep technology because several attempts to repair it using tantalum had obviously been unsuccessful. Since the reactor is critical to his process, the solution had to be fast and, above all, reliable.

The repair was carried out in a targeted action using the glass lined EmPad: In the first step, the geometry of the tank in the damaged location area was recorded digitally by a THALETEC technician using a 3D scanner. The recorded geometry data crossed the Atlantic within minutes. Immediately afterwards, the construction and production of the pad took place at THALETEC’s site in Thale. After being glass lined and tested by THALETEC, the EmPad was shipped by express airfreight to the USA.

After a few days’ work, the EmPad was with the customer and was installed and tested by a THALETEC Inc. technician over the weekend in the customer's equipment. This was immediately brought into operation again by the customer and has been running smoothly ever since.

Glass lined repair elements have now become a de facto standard for high-quality and permanent repairs to all manufacturers’ glass lined equipment. Now customers in the USA have also become aware of this innovative system. The THALETEC subsidiary THALETEC USA Inc., based in Charlotte NC, is now available to serve American customers.