Bigger than a record

Figure: A record has a diameter of 30 cm ...

Many of you may still know it, the good old vinyl record. With a diameter of 30 cm it used to provide good sound in the house and at parties. Enthusiasts have now taken a liking to this technology again.

With a 7.5 cm larger, i.e. 375 mm in diameter RepSet, THALETEC was able to help a Swiss customer at the end of June 2020 who reported damage to an glasslined reactor. The damage is located at the nozzle radius of the outlet nozzle of a reactor vessel from DeDietrich.

Figure: THALETEC RepSet with an outer diameter of 375 mm

This damage could not be repaired by conventional means - tantalum was also no solution due to incompatibility with the product in the reactor - the risk of hydrogen embrittlement was too great.

The customer therefore decided that the only reasonable and possible solution was to repair the damage with a THALETEC RepSet. The RepSet is a glasslined insert that is put and screwed into the bottom outlet nozzle.

Figure: Design structure of a THALETEC RepSet

THALETEC RepSets are glasslined with the highly chemical and wear resistant THALETEC Abrisist glass (see Flyer K028) and are therefore universally suitable for all chemical processes in which glass lined process equipment is used.

In this special case the reactor is equipped with a residual volume agitator. This was taken into account in the design of the RepSet.

THALETEC RepSets and all other available repair techniques of THALETEC can be found in Flyer K097.

Figure: Installation situation of the THALETEC RepSet after the stirrer has been reinstalled