Glass-lined process equipment by THALETEC – traditionally innovative.

Innovations around process solutions in glass-lined steel are a tradition at THALETEC. The current THALE-mail again provides some proof of this. Enjoy reading!

Save the date – Achema 2021

Achema 2021 will take place in Frankfurt from 14 to 18 June 2021. THALETEC will also be represented again! Note this important date in your calendar. We are looking forward to you!

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Reglassing of equipment made by TENEZ

TENEZ was a manufacturer of glass-lined equipment in Checz Republic. Customers owning such equipment can now have it reglassed by THALETEC.

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THALETEC HydroCIPPY: A new cleaning solution for glass-lined process equipment

THALETEC developed a new modular system for cIP-cleaning of glass-lined reactors together with a CIP-specialist. Read more about this new product here.

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Mixer-Settler by THALETEC

THALETEC now develops and offers glass lined  mixer-settlers  for corrosive applications. Read here about this innovative solution.

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Measuring on all levels

We introduce a new way of measuring temperature at a multitude of points in glass-lined tanks.

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Better heat transfer with AgiJet agitating nozzles

Agitating nozzles are fitted into the feed nozzles of the double jacket of the glass-lined apparatus. They provide an optimum flow pattern (spiral flow) in the jacket space during heating and/or cooling of the tank with liquids.

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