Kettle Reboilers

THALETEC kettle reboilers consist of a horizontal glass lined vessel. This has at least one tangential nozzle for the lateral mounting of a tube bundle heat exchanger. A vapour nozzle is used to discharge the vapours.

Additional nozzles can be implemented as required. The heat exchanger is preferably a glass lined heat exchanger of the type WTU. Preferably a WTU type glass lined heat exchanger is used. The exchanger can be heated using liquid heat transfer media.

From a nominal size of 400 mm the components are connected with clamp screws, smaler sizes with loose flanges. Optionaly THALETEC also some customer requirements of reduced tolerance deviations acc. to DIN 28007-2, Quality level f.

This results in lower flange flanges unevenesses and thereby easier sealing of flanges vereinfachte Abdichtung der Flansche der column elements between each other. Quality made in Germany.