Glass Detective Portable


New portable glass test probe

A new addition to the programme from THALETEC is now the glass test probe »Glass Detective Portable«. This is a portable glass test probe with which it is possible to check and monitor the glasslining layer in glass-lined equipment discontinuously. The glass test probe »Glass Detective Portable« works according to the principle of cyclical capacity analysis of the resulting electrochemical element between the steel, the glasslined tank wall or an installed part and an electrode of the sensor. As long as the glass-lining layer remains undamaged, the adequate conductivity of the process medium between the gold and steel electrodes can be monitored. If the glass-lining is damaged there will be a corrosive attack on the steel which is analysed and determined by the evaluation electronics. Thanks to the special operating principle the presence of tantalum repairs or installed parts made of Hastelloy or PTFE, which are not corroded, do not lead to error messages.

The test procedure of the »Glass Detective Portable« is fully automated, that means that there are no operator controls. Incorrect operation can be completely ruled out therefore. The testing device starts the test cycle as soon as the electrodes are dipped into the medium. Checking the conductivity of the medium, the presence of disturbing external voltage and testing the coating are effected in a fixed process followed by a clear evaluation of the condition of the glass lining.

An operating voltage of 4.5 V (3 AA batteries) is required to operate the testing device. No voltage is applied to the tested object itself. In order to be able to use the electrochemical effect of the steel corrosion occurring in a fault, it is necessary to have a minimum level of conductivity and a sufficiently corrosive effect on steel of the medium in the tank. This is checked on automatically switching on the equipment. Of course, it is possible to test other coatings which do not conduct electricity using the »Glass Detective Portable«. This includes, for example, coatings of corrosion-proof glass-lining and PTFE coatings.

The damage on the track