Newsletter 113

­The last but one THALE-mail of 2019 informs about THALETEC's traning courses in 2020. We also provide a flyer to help you finding the right glass-lining for your application. Please don't forget to order your personal copy of the 2020 wall calendar too!

New glass lined mixer DCX

The latest innovation in mixing is THALETEC’s new DCX turbine. Find out about what the DCX agitator can do four your processes. Download the product flyer here.

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THALETEC HydroCIPPY: A new cleaning solution for glass-lined process equipment

THALETEC developed a new modular system for cIP-cleaning of glass-lined reactors together with a CIP-specialist. Read more about this new product here.

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Trainings and Seminars 2020

THALETEC again offers various trainings and seminars in 2020. Download the flyer here.

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The way to the best glass-lining

A new flyer helps you selecting the best glass-lining for your chemical process conditions. Download the document here!

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News of the past

What was new in the past can still be accessed online. Follow the link below to get a list of previous newsletters.

Overview Newsletter

THALETEC Mainenance- and Service contracts

Is your maintenance and insection budget for 2020 already finalized? Rely on THALETEC for maintenance and inspection work around your glass-lined equipment with our maintenance and service contracts. Download a brochure here.

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Calendar 2020

The 2020 THALETEC wall calendar is now available. Send us an e-mail to get one ore more for your and your collegues' offices.

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