Safe through life

By purchasing a glass lined vessel or reactor from THALETEC you have acquired a technically high-quality system. Of course, careful handling of the apparatus is decisive for the availability of your plant.

In the past, many customers asked us what things have to be taken into account between the time the goods are received and the dismantling of the vessel or reactor. The operating and instruction manuals provided by THALETEC provide detailed information on the essential aspects. However, in order to be reminded of the most important things quickly and easily, a CV checklist has proven to be very useful.

The checklist, compiled by THALETEC experts from engineering, customer service and sales, covers the following life cycle phases:

  • Receiving department
  • Storage
  • Installation
  • Before the first commissioning
  • During operation
  • After decommissioning
  • After disassembly
  • Before reglassing

The checklist can now be downloaded as pdf file (Flyer K146) by registered users of the THALETEC website. If you want to create your own checklist based on this template, we also offer the CV checklist in a word processing format. With it you can easily make additions and changes. You can request the checklist in WORD format by e-mail to process@thaletec.com.