Newsletter 111

­The October issue of THALE-mail is again full of the latest news and innvations of glass-lined products. Read about them here.

Measuring on all levels

We introduce a new way of measuring temperature at a multitude of points in
glass-lined tanks.

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Reglassing of equipment made by TENEZ

TENEZ was a manufacturer of glass-lined equipment in Checz Republic. Customers owning such equipment can now have it reglassed by THALETEC.

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Repair glass-linings with glass-linings

Glass-lined equipment forms the "heart" of the plant in numerous process engineering procedures and thus determines availability and productivity. This article describes ways how to repair glass-lined equipment with glass-lined repair elements.

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Mixer Settlers made by THALETEC

THALETEC now develops and offers glass lined cooling traps for corrosive applications. Read here about this innovative solution.

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