Almost everyone uses it countless times a day. Everyone knows the typical hand and finger movements.
What is meant is the cell phone with the touch-sensitive screen, the "touch screen".

Touchscreens consist of wafer-thin glass panels coated with transparent and electrically conductive materials.

The coating serves to detect the movement of the fingers on the screen surface and thus trigger functions.

THALETEC makes use of the effect of the same conductive materials. As a component of THALETEC Condusist, the electrically conductive glass-lining from THALETEC, these materials ensure the outstanding electrical conductivity of the highly chemically resistant glass.

Therefore, apparatus and components glass lined with THALETEC Condusist can be used in processes where electrostatic charging may occur and where explosion protection is important.

View into a glass lined reactor vessel with THALETEC Condusist during assembly of the stirring element

In addition, the use of such equipment in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and their precursors is also possible without hesitation.

It is not without reason that THALETEC meanwhile supplies more than 50% of the manufactured glass lined apparatuses to the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. Among the customers using Condusist are some of the world's largest and leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies. We can gladly provide references.

Application of THALETEC Condusist for process equipment

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