Indian Summer and the latest THALE-mail are here!

Dear readers, look forward to the 124th THALE-mail with highly current information and knowledge about glass-lined process equipment.

­­­Pharma-Glass is the past – the future is here

Conventional „Pharma-Glass“ for API‑production and fine chemicals doesn’t meet all current requirements any more. This article describes how to make your API‑production fit for future.

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FlatFace-nozzles fulfill highest sealing-requirements

THALETEC's FlatFace technology helps to meet the highest requirements for the sealing of glass lined nozzles.

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Intruductory campain "Tangential is better"

Our introductory campaign for bottom outlet valves with tangential flushing connection will run until the end of the year.

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Calendar 2021

The 2021 THALETEC wall calendar is now available. Send us an e-mail to get one ore more for your and your collegues' offices.

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Hot storage - THALETEC glass-lined PowerBaffle used successfully in storage tanks

Enamelled heat exchangers are also used successfully in glass-lined storage tanks. Read here about the background.

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