... is a seal of quality and approval that indicates the origin of many products from Germany.

At the end of the 19th century, when other European industrial nations were emerging alongside the United Kingdom, people in Great Britain began to protect themselves against supposedly inferior imitation products by labeling imported goods. Initially, this labeling applied only to German goods and was carried out by means of the designation Made in Germany (Merchandise Marks Act 1887 of August 23, 1887). This included goods from Chemnitz at the London Exhibition in 1862, as this was the first time that the English domain of mechanical engineering was broken. For example, this prompted the famous jury member Sir Joseph Withworth to say "very good indeed" for the first time about machines made by Johann von Zimmermann.

During the First World War, the British Ministry of Trade extended the designations to Made in Austria/Hungary (Made in Austria-Hungary) on February 3, 1916. This was intended to better protect British products and make it easier for the British to recognize and boycott the goods of wartime enemies.

The labeling was maintained after the First World War. However, since the quality of German goods was generally good, often even better than that of domestic products, the Made in Germany label, which was initially directed against German imports, increasingly became accepted as a seal of quality, and not only in Great Britain.

Today, "MADE IN GERMANY" stands for the highest product quality in many industries.

THALETEC products are "MADE IN GERMANY". Today, the vast majority of the value added in the manufacture of glass lined apparatus takes place at the site in Thale, Germany. From rolling the sheets for the frames of enameled containers to enameling and assembling the products according to the specifications and wishes of our customers - all this is definitely MADE IN GERMANY. Even the enamels used by THALETEC are formulated and melted exclusively for THALETEC by German manufacturers according to THALETEC’s own recipes, which have been tried and tested over many years.

Finally, most of the primary products that go into THALETEC's products are also MADE IN GERMANY. Be it the gearboxes, motors, mechanical seals, PTFE parts and of course the steel for fabricating the pressure vessels.

Demand also for glass lined process equipment and components "Made in Germany" - because only if THALETEC is on it, is also "Made in Germany" in it!

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