Energy Efficieny is more important than ever before!

In today's Thale-mail we present, among other things, our "Thermopackage" – an overview of possibilities to make the operation of glass-lined reactors even more efficient.


Thermal Package for glass-lined reactors

This comprehensive paper provides an overview of heat transfer options in glass-lined reactors and briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the various options.

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New flyer "PTFE Feed Pipes normal and electrically conductive" available

A new flyer with information about THALETEC's, PTFE Feed Pipes made of PTFE and dissipative PTFE is now available.

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Glass-lined Short Path Evaporators

With the unique glass-lined condensers we now realize sophisticated glass-lined Short Path Evaporators. Read the details here.

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THALETEC (also) manufactures according to EN 13445

The European standard EN 13445 "Unfired pressure vessels" has a very high status within the scope of the EU Pressure Equipment Directive, because it is listed in the Official Journal of the EU as a "Harmonized Standard".

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LiquiCone – the liquid feed pipe

THALETEC's LiquiCone helps to avoid dust when fillling in solids in your glass-lined reactor. Read about this accessory here.

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