Newsletter 110

­Summer break is almost over. The summer break for the THALE-mail for sure is.

Read about the new THALETEC SeccoLip lip-seal for agitator shafts of your glass-lined equipment. We also introduce a new application for THALETEC's glass-lined heat exchangers.

And last but not least: A brand new CIP-system from THALETEC!

SeccoLip TT – THALETEC dry-running shaft lip seal

From now, THALETEC also provides shaft-lip seals besides the well known mechanical seals.

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THALETEC HydroCIPPY: A new cleaning solution for glass-lined process equipment

THALETEC developed a new modular system for cIP-cleaning of glass-lined reactors together with a CIP-specialist. Read more about this new product here.

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New: Glass-lined Cooling Traps

THALETEC now develops and offers glass lined cooling traps for corrosive applications. Read here about this innovative solution.

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­­­Pharma-Glass is the past – the future is here

Conventional „Pharma-Glass“ for API‑production and fine chemicals doesn’t meet all current requirements any more. This article describes how to make your API‑production fit for future.

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