THALETEC's EmPad Repair Extends Life of TyconTechnoglass glass-lined Reactor

A glass-lined BE 12,500 l reactor, originally manufactured by TyconTechnoglass in 2003, was found to have suffered damage to the vessel wall in August 2019. An immediately called THALETEC service technician first carried out a visual inspection of the damage and then scanned the damage location using a portable 3D scanner.

Damage to a TyconTechnoglass glass-lined reactor from 2003

It was found that the damage can be safely covered with an EmPad measuring approx. 160 mm in diameter. After only two weeks, the individually manufactured EmPad, enamelled with the highly wear-resistant THALETEC Abrisist (Flyer K028), was available and installed in the container within half a day. After assembly, the EmPad was subjected to a leak test and a high-voltage test.

The reactor was then immediately put back into operation.

THALETEC EmPads (catalogue K092) are only one of many ways to repair damage to glass-lined reactors and tanks without having to rely on tantalum (see also flyer K097). Contact our service staff or our external fitters; we can certainly help.

Damaged area, prepared for the installation of the EmPad, leak test after installation and final condition