Laboratory systems

The development of new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry or the manufacture of active substances in the fine and special chemistry start very offen in a very small scale. The first trial tests are still made in an Erlenmeyer flask.

Shall a process in the production scale be transferred, the choices often go the way over thechnology or a so called Kilolab.

Equipment and components from the THALETEC LabTec product line offer a comprehensive modular system and concept for small scale process developoment.

Labtec comprises of:

  • Glass lined tanks, vessels und receivers up to 100 l volume
  • Agitators up to 5 kW drive power
  • Changable turbines with multiflex lab system
  • Quick reaction temperature measuring technology
  • Filling and sight glass
  • Cleaning technology

In addition THALETEC offers glass lined static mixers for small scale that THALETEC TwisterMixer.